There are six essential components to our onsite fuel management: the tank, the pump, the tank gauge, the fuel management system, the fuel access device and the software.

All of our solutions cover the three main steps of fuel management:

Step 1: Measuring tank stock levels

When fuel is delivered to a site, the amount of fuel transferred from the delivery tank to the onsite fuel storage tank is measured using an electronic tank gauge. This data is automatically fed in to the fuel management system and provides a clear picture of the current tank stock. The gauges can also carry out leak detection analysis.

Step 2: Identifying drivers & vehicles

Whenever a vehicle is refuelled, the fuel dispensed is monitored and accounted for. The dispensing equipment interfaces with the Fuel Management System and drivers can be identified by using a non contact tag, Kisskey or PIN number.

Step 3: View clean data reports

These fuelling transactions are presented by Triscan’s FuelHub™ software; a unique web-based interface with a series of dashboards that provide the user with as much or as little information about their fleet as required. Typically, operators use the software to gain an understanding of their fuelling costs and view a detailed breakdown of fuel stock consumption by user, vehicle and site. FuelHub™ also highlights potential areas of concern, such as a sudden drop in fuel stocks – and generates reports with suggestions regarding how to achieve a higher level of fuel efficiency.

Apollo 2™

Secure and robust, the Apollo 2™ has been built as a sleek, modular-type system with durability in mind. The Apollo 2™ integrates seamlessly with Triscan’s FuelHub™ software to give users a real-time* overview of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle.

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Specifically designed to help existing customers migrate to our latest, real-time software application, FuelHub™. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our product offering and make things easier for you. That’s why we’ve invested our resources into developing the ApolloR2, a low – cost upgrade to your existing fuel management system.

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What is a fuel management system?

A fuel management system is a combination of hardware and software products that together maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption and stock in any type of industry that uses transport, as a means of business.

Fuel management systems are designed to effectively measure fuel consumption and fuel storage across any industry using transportation. The systems are typically used for large fleets of commercial vehicles or within companies and governing bodies that want to keep on top of fleet logistics and monitor costs. However any vehicle that requires fuel to operate, including aircraft, water and railway vehicles, benefit from using a fuel management system to take control of fuel stores, security and access.

Who uses our fuel management system?

Triscan have estabilished a reputation through many of our long-standing customers including Arriva, Metroline, Asda, Muller wiseman and Veolia. We look after over 2470 fuel island terminals nationally and every day we manage approximately 74,000 transactions.

We manage some of the largest UK fuelling operations across the UK. This includes Europe’s biggest postal operator who have 230 bunkered fuelling sites, 1800 off site fuel locations and over 60,000 vehicles. In order for this operation to take place, our expert in-house engineering team installed 230 sites in 17 weeks.

How can a Triscan fuel management system help me?

Triscan has over 35 years’ experience in fuel management and offers first-class customer service and tailor made solutions to allow you to operate a process of best practice. In-house development facilities combined with key business partnerships enable Triscan to deliver end-to-end solutions tailored to customer requirements.

Triscan’s web based fuel management systems secure your organisations fuel tanks and pumps and monitor ‘who, what, why, where and when’ creating clarity within the entire fuelling process. The web based fuel management software can produce extensive reports based on stock and fuelling transactions, saving time and improving accuracy.

Alongside a reduction in fuel costs the fuel management system allows for fleet efficiency creating economical fleets and lower carbon emissions. You can immediately achieve advanced fuelling security and can accurately see, and therefore prevent, how much fuel is lost/stolen every week or not accounted for?

Turnkey fuel management system

There are six essential components to Triscan’s onsite bunkered fuel management: the tank, the pump, the tank gauge, the fuel management system, the fuel access device and the software.

The Triscan Group turnkey packages offer a complete solution for the full installation and management of your fuelling equipment on site, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that all of your refuelling solutions are in one place. To ensure that the synergy between fuelling equipment, installation and effective maintenance is upheld, all technicians are employed directly by Triscan. Technical and support teams are trained to the highest standard via formal, awarding technical bodies, such as APEA, PEIMF and manufacturers such as Pumptronics and Hytek. This continuous assessment and training of key staff helps the Triscan Group to maintain their ISO9001:2015 and Safe Contractor quality marks year-on-year.

Triscan’s fuel island controllers, fuel pumps, access devices, tank gauges and software all draw on Triscan’s extensive experience to provide a well-engineered range of products suitable for the commercial fuelling industry.

Why do I need a fuel management system?

Fuel represents one of the highest costs of running a fleet – in some sectors it accounts for over 40% of the operating cost of a vehicle. As prices continue to escalate and green issues climb ever higher on the agenda, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to manage fuel usage. The difficulty lies not only in collating information but also in having the confidence of its accuracy and the ability to interpret it easily.

A fuel management system ensures that all fuel coming to, stored on and leaving the businesses site is measured accurately. It enables all discrepancies to be quickly highlighted with short deliveries, leaks and theft addressed quickly.

Benefiting from our fuel management expertise

Triscan operates enviable service and support facilities via its Service Centre and nationwide team of field support engineers providing comprehensive advice, cover and assistance. An experienced and knowledgeable team whose aim is to resolve queries rapidly and efficiently against published Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) operates the service centre. In many instances advice and issues can be resolved remotely. This reputation has been built through continuous improvement to Triscans’ national support services that include consultancy, training, hardware maintenance and software support. All research and development takes place at head office giving Triscan the benefit of owning its own Intellectual Property and therefore having the ability to tailor its products to meet every customer’s needs.

Real-time fuel management for major fleets

As a pioneering provider of fuel management systems, Triscan offers a multi-site, multi-user Source to Exhaust™ solution enabling fleet managers to gain ultimate control of their entire fuelling operations. Developed in-house, Triscan’s Apollo 2TM is one of the leading fuel management systems in the UK. Whilst enhancing the user-interface with a diagnostic indicator to assist problem solving at the fuel island and remotely, the Apollo 2™ also integrates seamlessly with Triscan’s FuelHub™ software. This gives users an in-depth analysis of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle and allows the operator to drill down to view current stock levels. This results in better management and accountability across the organisation.

The Apollo 2™ offers a wide range of benefits including the ability to view vehicle odometer readings for accurate MPG figures when used in conjunction with Triscan’s Kisskey™, Automatic Mileage Capture.

Developed in-house by Triscan’s experienced development team, FuelHub™ software brings a new level of usability and functionality to fuel management and is hosted via Rackspace, an enhanced security platform with managed dedicated servers hosted in the UK.

Triscan’s Apollo 2™ fuel island controllers offer a wide range of benefits:

  • 24-hour unattended vehicle refuelling
  • Ability to deny access to unauthorised drivers/vehicles
  • Automatic vehicle odometer update for accurate MPG figures (with Kisskey™)
  • Advanced usage, exception and environmental reporting
  • Communicates fuel usage information for single or multiple sites back to one central point


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