Together with customer feedback, Triscan’s in-house development team have created FuelHub™, effectively bringing your Fuel Management in to the 21st century with sophisticated technology. Triscan’s FuelHub is web-based online fuel management which offers real-time data enabling operators to gain full control of fuel stocks.


Triscan’s FuelHub offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Optimised performance and increased security
  • In-house development team ensuring up-to-date software
  • Compatible in any browser across multiple devices
  • Faster, easier to use platform
  • Real-time fuel management enables fuel stock to be managed at a central or local level
  • Accounts for every drop of fuel with full downloadable audit trail
  • Supported centrally by Triscan Aftercare who offer diagnostics and technical assistance over the telephone from 06:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week



Key Specs

  • User friendly
  • Real-time fuel management via OLA
  • All vehicle, driver and fuelling information in one place
  • Cost centre and custom vehicle grouping for resale
  • Web-based and supports multiple concurrent users

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Key Specs

  • Schedule reports to be emailed to users on a set date, time and / or frequency
  • Comprehensive user audit log
  • Custom fields for easy reporting
  • Can be filtered by one or multiple choice such as: vehicle, driver, depot, cost centre
  • Can be easily exported enabling easy reported data for claims such as BSOGs

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Key Specs

  • All data secure
  • Increased security
  • Secure web hosting via Rackspace, an enhanced security platform with a managed dedicated server hosted in the UK
  • 100% Network uptime guarantee
  • ISO 27001 accredited data centre

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How does it work?

Data is presented in a series of dashboards, offering a history of vehicle information and odometer readings for an entire fleet.

Using information from the tanks, pumps, identification devices and hardware, real-time data is presented in a series of dashboards. This offers a full history of vehicle information for an entire fleet and identifies any potential losses. Numerous concurrent users can be nominated and authorised access. The software allows detailed reporting of usage, stock, performance and trends, which can all be easily exported or printed.

What can it tell you?

The software enables you to stamp out fuel theft by:

  • Account for every drop of fuel with full audit trail
  • Record invalid attempts to access fuel by unauthorised IDs
  • Set fuel limits by vehicle
  • Enable alerts when pumps are disabled
  • Review low tank stock alerts
  • Access advanced vehicle exception reports

Alongside this you can cut fuel costs and CO2 output:

  • View CO2 and fuel savings by kg, L and £
  • View CO2 output, low stock levels and tree offset
  • Calculate vehicle MPG
  • View a daily monhtly or annual average fuel usage report

Other added benefits include various sector specific reports such as BSOG. Combined these features enable transport managers to accurately summarise costs and manage fuel budgets.

FuelHub™ Key Features

  • Integrates with third party systems for vehicle tracking
  • Real-time enabled to control access to fuel (if connected to a Triscan Apollo2™ or ApolloR2 fuel management system)
  • Reports can be exported and saved in a number of formats including: XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, Excel, TIFF and Word
  • Reorder and low level stock warnings are easily set-up
  • Livestock level monitoring available, enabling fuel stock to be managed at a central or local level


Who needs online fuel management?

Any sector who uses transport as a means of business will benefit from an online fuel management system. The software can be used to monitor any type of fuel (Diesel, petrol, AdBlue, LNG, CNG, Aviation etc.)

Online fuel management system

With fuel being one of the biggest expenses, in any business running a fleet, it is essential to keep costs down and protect your site from any unwanted drop in fuel stocks. Introducing a web-based online fuel management system is critical when managing fuel.

The biggest benefit to an online fuel management system is the accurate, real-time, data which enables you to quickly know exactly what you are spending and where. This information enables operators to make informed decisions and achieve results to cut back on costs. On top of this it reduces the need to have someone manually collating the data, saving more time and money.



What is an online fuel management system?

Web-based online fuel management offers real-time data enabling operators to gain full control of their entire fuel stocks.

The software allows detailed reporting of usage, stock, performance and trends. On top of this, the operator is able to easily monitor fuel consumption with access on the software to all relevant information, including advanced analytics and centralised reporting.


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