DataTrack, part of The Triscan Group, is a leading supplier and manufacturer of fuel management systems, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, fuel monitoring software and access devices, tank gauges and pipework.

DataTrack specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of a range of entry-level fuel management systems.

Used in conjunction with Supervisor software, a DataTrack fuel management system ensures that granting driver’s authorisation to access fuel, tracking fuel dispensed to each vehicle, managing inventories and recording fleet data is as simple as filling up and driving away.

DataTrack’s Fuelsafe works alongside Supervisor software to provide comprehensive reports on the user’s PC, allowing Transport Managers to benefit from both maximum fuel security and the data needed to enhance the performance of the fleet.

Designed specifically for smaller fleet operators, the Electronic Padlock is a secure, simple-to-use entry-level system for a single fuel pump. This cost-efficient fuel management system integrates into any pump with a pulse output for quick and easy operation.

Fuel Management

From entry-level fuel management for a single fuel pump, to advanced systems capable of controlling multiple pumps with a range of authorisation options, we cater for all levels of budget, performance and sophistication.

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Supervisor is a versatile, easy-to-use PC program which allows the user to account for all fuel dispensed from their pump.

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