Specifically designed to maximise and safeguard fuel, our wide range of identification devices are used in conjunction with the fuel management system to ensure that both the access of fuel and the monitoring of fuel is easy, efficient and reliable.


Identification Cards

Fuel card accounts give operators the flexibility of fuelling whilst on the road. Triscan can read this card to access own yard fuelling, and the FuelHub™ software can import external fuellings for a full fuel analysis.

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KissKey OBD

The Kisskey™ is used to validate identity and grant access to fuel. Each vehicle is fitted with an On Board Device (OBD) which identifies the vehicle and automatically captures its odometer reading. When refuelling, drivers touch the Kisskey™ firstly onto the vehicle’s OBD and then onto the fuel management system. The system instantly identifies the driver and the vehicle, enabling the pump to deliver the appropriate fuel product. This creates a clean, accurate data log.

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Using manual keypad data entry, RFID tags use contactless technology to activate the pump. The fueller then enters mileage and/or data as requested, which is then added to the time, date and quantity of fuel delivered for an accurate record of fuelling transactions.

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