Fuel manager is hosted on a server in a secure data which provides a reliable operating environment with a guaranteed power supply and a fast internet connection. The data on the sever is fully backed up on site and off site. There is also an identical server at a different location to fully back up the primary server.


Timeplans Fuel Manager offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Access to the Fuel Manager is possible using any web-enabled device anywhere in the world.
  • The data is fully backed up so does not need customer IT resource.
  • Collect data at any time of day or night.
  • Multiple user logins


Fuel Manager Software

Key Specs

  • Stock level monitoring
  • Multiple fuel/lubricant management
  • Reports against targets
  • User, site and vehicle report options
  • Supports multiple users
  • Flexible automatic polling
  • Vehicle grouping (e.g., cost centres, makes, models)
  • Driver identification
  • Exception Reports
  • Full tank stock low level and re-order level warnings.

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How does it work?

Timeplan offers a web based software package that enables your fuel data to be managed in a way specific to your organisation.

Data is presented in a series of dashboards, offering a history of vehicle information and odometer readings for an entire fleet. Numerous concurrent users can be nominated and authorised access. The software allows detailed reporting of usage, stock, performance and trends.

Key Features

  • Can now show graphically how much stock is in the fuel tanks.
  • Fuel card information can be imported using a CSV import option.
  • ODO information can now be imported from a vehicle telemetrics.
  • No PC Modem connection or phone line rental.
  • The system provides a full management service, i.e. recording of stock levels, reorder reminders, daily report generation (both automatic and on demand);


  • Data (fuel issues, exception and daily reports etc.) can be accessed remotely via any web-enabled device;
  • A suite of reports (details and contents to be agreed) to be capable of being automatically generated;
  • The system is scalable and capable of being linked to additional sites throughout the UK;


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