With fuel costs being one of the biggest expenses to any company that uses transport, it is becoming increasingly essential to have accurate fuel stock readings and gain complete responsibility over all wet stock. Here at The Triscan Group we understand the importance reliable and accurate tank gauging systems have on this process.

Complete control of fuel stocks 

Designed to give operators complete control over the management and reconciliation of fuel stocks, the tank gauge is an integral part of effective fuel management. 


  • Enables alerts when there is a sudden drop in fuel stocks 
  • Manage fuel inventories and increase data integrity 
  • Monitor stocks at the tank, or remotely via our FuelHub™ software 
  • For use with above or below ground tanks 
  • Compliant with all fuel oils


Key Specs

  • Accurate to +/- 2.00% 
  • Compatible with diesel, biodiesel, oils, water and AdBlue 
  • Weatherproof unit suitable for outside mounting 
  • Low cost and easy to use 
  • Visual reading only – not linked to a fuel management system
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Key Specs

  • User programmable 4 alarm set point 
  • High alarm provides 110dB at 1 metre 
  • IP65 weatherproof 
  • Single or multiple tank gauging for almost any liquid 
  • Accurate to +/- 0.25% 
  • Links to a Triscan Group fuel management system for tank stock monitoring
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Key Specs

  • Can monitor multiple tanks 
  • Accurate to +/- 0.25% 
  • Line leak detection 
  • Compatible with petroleum, chemicals and hazardous waste
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What is a tank gauge?

A tank gauge is a piece of equipment that is used to measure any type of fluid remaining inside a tank. It visually shows the operator the remaining contents of the tank. Together with fuel management hardware and software, this gives the operator complete control over the management and reconciliation of fuel stocks. All of our tank gauges are suitable for any height or shape of tank and can be used with single or multiple tanks. Access to reliable, real-time tank content information helps operators to make informed decisions and results in reduced costs, increased safety and higher profitability.

Does accuracy matter?

Accurate tank gauges are essential for accurate data. Things like inventory value, loss control, temperature issues, storage capacity utilisation, leak detection and overfill protection, all depend on the quality, performance and accuracy of your tank gauge system.

The larger tank the more important it is to use an accurate tank gauge system. If the tank gauge on an 80,000-litre tank is accurate to +/- 2% there is a margin for 1600 litres error in the reading. If you switch this out for a gauge with an accuracy of +/- 0.25% you are only looking at a 200 litre margin for error. Accurate stock levels ensure alerts are given out quickly in the event of fuel theft.

Turnkey Solution

We pride ourselves on offering the ultimate turnkey solution. All of our tank gauge packages include full installation and calibration. We can supply a tank gauge on its own to add to your existing tank or fuel island, or alternatively, we can provide the full fuel management package. With a wide range of products, available for both above and below ground tanks, and a huge list of trusted suppliers, we are the UK’s leading provider for fuel management.


An electronic level gauge enables operators to keep an eye on the amount of oil or fuel in the tank at all times. Working alongside Triscan software, if the system detects something amiss – such as a sudden drop in contents – it will send out an alert. As part of tank gauge solutions for bund alarms, Triscan offers line leak detection systems for interspatial pipework systems, web-based monitoring systems and sudden loss alarms. The Group’s sudden drop alarm is a system that quickly identifies a problem. If a tank is quickly emptied without passing through an authorised pump an automatic text message will be sent out, instantly alerting the operator to a problem. These alerts enable all of our customers to act quickly.


As with all Triscan Group products all of our tank gauges come with initial warranty and optional added support. Service packages give peace of mind by providing calibration, alarm checks, screen replacements and general maintenance.

Key features

  • Detailed graphic display
  • Accurate to +/- 0.2%
  • Temperature of product
  • Manage fuel inventories
  • Increase data integrity
  • For use with above or below ground tanks
  • Compliant with all fuel oils
  • Water detection
  • External output
  • Pressure probe
  • Bund alarm (Fail safe)


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