Any organisation that stores and dispenses its own fuel or provides a resale facility would benefit from a fuel monitoring system. This includes, but is not exclusive to:


The Triscan Group have well developed products and services to help rail organisations reduce fuel loss and increase productivity for time critical journeys.

With our fully networked solutions, you have key information live at your fingertips enabling you to be in complete control at all times. Our ‘clean data solution’ allows you to continually review the performance of vehicles, drivers and the fleet as a whole so that you can make ongoing cost and carbon reduction improvements.

Customers include ScotRail, DB Schenker and Southern Rail


With a national network of engineers, all with experience of working airside, The Triscan Group are able to ensure all airfield-fuelling operations are optimally managed. Our equipment works with all fuel types including avgas and high performance unleaded fuels.

Our weights and measures solution allows for the unmanned resale of fuel with simple recharging.

Customers include Doncaster airport, BA airbus and Full Sutton flying centre.


Triscan have worked closely with our customers over many years, to develop fuel management systems with specific benefits for the bus and coach industry.

The Group creates bespoke fuel management systems for bus and coach operators. Using award-winning combinations of fuel software, hardware and access devices, you can track the journey of fuel from Source-to-Exhaust™, unlocking opportunities for fuel and carbon savings at every stage of the process.

Customers include Mainline Coaches and Metroline.


With a range of mounting options available to ensure easy waterside access, The Triscan Group’s specialist products are built with robust construction to withstand the harsh environments of marina and coastal locations.

Our fuel island controllers not only ensure that your fuel supply is safeguarded, but our weights and measures solution ensures that the resale of fuel to third parties is accountable making cross charging and recharging a straightforward process.

Customers include EON, TFI Ramsgate and PD ports.


Pressure is on to continue to reduce costs and show improved environmental performance. Set against rising fuel costs and ever-worsening road traffic, this appears to be an almost insurmountable task.

Fuel has become the new liquid gold and fuel security has become yet another major issue for fleet managers. Triscan’s fuel management system overcomes all of these issues via the data it collates and interprets. It then presents all necessary fleet management information in a graphic, real-time desktop report.

Customers include Parcelforce, Asda and John Lewis

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