A range of bunded tanks have been selected to provide the most cost effective solution for your business. From off the shelf plastic tanks for smaller quantities of fuel and AdBlue to custom designed steel tanks manufactured to BS799 for robustness and longevity of life, conforming to OFTEC, Environment Agency and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for oil storage regulations for businesses.


  • Fully bunded to current regulations
  • Full turnkey packages including project management
  • Tank decommissioning
  • Bespoke tank from 500 –200,000 litres
  • Secure and safe integrated lockable cabinet



Key Specs

  • Sizes available from 500 Litres – 200,000 Litres
  • Can be supplied as a single tank or complete with a pump and fuel management system
  • Custom built to match individual requirements
  • Optional features include lockable cabinets with roller shutters or steel door cabinets with roller shutters or steel doors

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Key Specs

  • Available in double skin for many applications
  • Option to combine bunded units with a mixture of products by offering split compartments, i.e. engine oil, transmission oil, lube oil and waste oil
  • Adapt any tank design to accommodate virtually any product type

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Key Specs

  • Lightweight and easy to position
  • Cost-effective
  • Compatible with diesel, gas oil, kerosene and AdBlue

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How does it work?

The bund is the catchment area around your fuel tank. Its purpose is to capture any leakage caused by a tank failure or an overfill of fuel. Traditional bunds are open and of brick construction. These often fill up with rainwater and other debris as well as becoming porous over time and leaking into the ground. Rainwater in this type of bund is classed as contaminated waste and should be disposed of.

New tanks are self-bunded and double skinned. These tanks can be located on a hard standing without further requirement for building a wall around them. This means the fuel tank is inside a second tank and not exposed to the atmosphere. This bund cannot fill with rain water or other debris and overfill will be routed into the bund via an internal breather. The outer tank has a capacity of 110% of the inner tank, for example, a 50,000 litre tank has a bund of 55,000 litres.

Bunded fuel tanks are more financially secure than underground tanks. In addition to them having a resale value, they can also be relocated between sites for long-term use.

All tanks meet the following specifications:

  • Manufactured to BS799
  • Conforming to EA – Oil storage regulations

Installation works:

  • Pre-install survey and advice
  • New tank installation offload and positioning
  • Above and below ground pipework
  • Electrical works

Our turnkey packages offer a complete solution for the installation and management of your equipment on site. Quite often, the tank will arrive as a package with all equipment pre-installed. In this instance, the tank can be off-loaded, positioned and ready for use within a couple of hours.


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