Triscan Systems, part of The Triscan Group, are the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fuel management systems, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, fuel monitoring software and access devices, tank gauges and pipework.

As the pioneers of fuel management systems, Triscan offers a multi-site, multi-user Source to Exhaust™ solution enabling fleet managers to gain ultimate control of their entire fuelling operations.

Triscan’s elite fuel management system, the Apollo 2™, integrates seamlessly with Triscan’s web-based FuelHub™ fuel management software to give users a real-time overview of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle.

Secure and robust, the Apollo 2™ has been built as a sleek, modular-type system with durability in mind to give users 24 hour unattended vehicle refuelling. Triscan’s feature-rich hardware system is specifically designed to improve ease of use, increase functionality and reduce repair time.

The Apollo 2™ offers a wide range of benefits including the ability to view vehicle odometer readings for accurate MPG figures when used in conjuction with Triscan’s Kisskey™, Automatic Mileage Capture.

Developed in-house by Triscan’s experienced development team, FuelHub™ software brings a new level of usability and functionality to fuel management and is hosted via Rackspace, an enhanced security platform with managed dedicated servers hosted in the UK.

Fuel Management

Developed in house, Triscan’s Apollo 2™ is one of the leading fuel management systems. Offering the most flexible management of authorising access to fuel, capturing odometer data at the fuel island or automatically transferring the data to the system by a on board vehicle device or imports from third party systems.  The Apollo 2™ seamlessly integrates with Triscan’s FuelHub™ software. This gives users the ability to manage the fuel delivered on the fuel island and visibility of current stock levels for reordering; offers in-depth analysis of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle resulting in better management and accountability.

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Triscan FuelHub™ is The Triscan Group’s newest fuel management software which replaces Odyssey World™. This real-time data platform enables operators to confidently gain full control of fuel stocks. Alongside improved customer usability, the new software can be used across a variety of devices.

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KissKey OBD

Triscan’s KissKey OBD is a unique vehicle based system consisting of a fuel island controller, fuel access device, and an on-board processor which automatically picks up information relating to a vehicle’s movements.

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