Specifically designed to maximise and safeguard fuel, our range of identification devices are used in conjunction with the fuel management system to ensure that both the access of fuel and the monitoring of fuel is easy, efficient and reliable. An entry-level system, the tag is an easy to use contactless system that ensures that the fuelling process is straightforward.


RFID Tags offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Stops unauthorised fuel access
  • Manual mileage entry
  • Driver ID/PIN input option
  • Contactless technology
  • Allocated to driver, vehicle or fueller

How does it work?

Using manual keypad data entry, RFID tags use contactless technology to activate the pump. The fueller then enters mileage and/or data as requested, which is then added to the time, date and quantity of fuel delivered for an accurate record of fuelling transactions.

Reporting capabilities are delivered via Triscan’s unique software and stock reports can be created in a number of flexible formats which can be set by the operator.



Method  Utilises contactless technology
Memory  64 bit
Modulation  125KHZ, ASK
Dimensions  25mm DIA x 4mm Depth
Passive  No battery required

Quality Assured

As with all Triscan products, tags are manufactured to recognised quality standards including ISO9002. It also meets generic EMC approvals 89/336/EEC (CE) and automotive EMC type approvals 95/54/EC (E).


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