Secure and robust, the Apollo 2™ has been built as a sleek, modular-type system with durability in mind. The Apollo 2™ integrates seamlessly with Triscan’s FuelHub™ software to give users a real-time* overview of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle.


Triscan’s Apollo 2™ fuel island controllers offer a wide range of benefits:

  • 24 Hour unattended vehicle refuelling
  • Ability to deny access to unauthorised drivers/vehicles
  • Automatic vehicle odometer update for accurate MPG figures (with Kisskey™)
  • Advanced usage, exception and environmental reporting
  • Communicates fuel usage information for single or multiple sites back to one central point


Apollo 2™

Key Specs

  • Real-time enabled*
  • Choice of modem, 4G or IP connectivity
  • Robust Construction
  • Pulse and serial interface
  • Controls 1 – 4 pumps

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Apollo 2™ - LNG, CNG, H

Key Specs

  • Built to the same spec as the Apollo 2™
  • Standard IFSF interface available
  • Robust, high speed receipt printer
  • Controls 1 – 4 pumps
  • Bespoke solutions available for PLC controlled fuelling systems

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Apollo 2 - W&M & MID

Key Specs

  • Built to the same spec as the Apollo 2™
  • Certified for the resale of fuel
  • (Weights and Measures and MID approved)
  • Robust, high speed receipt printer
  • Controls 1 – 4 pumps

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How does it work?

A unique ID in the form of a Tag, Card or Kisskey™ is used to validate identity and grant access to fuel. On contact between the ID and Triscan’s Apollo 2™, all captured information is stored in memory on the Fuel Management System. FuelHub™ downloads the data to a secure central fuel management database and users can access exactly what they need, depending on individual custom user configuration.

Each Transaction typically consists of:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Product
  • Quantity (L)
  • Vehicle ID

Optional Data that can be recorded:

  • Driver ID
  • Mileage/hours run
  • Additional data such as registrations and fleet number

Key Features

  • Choice of identification devices: RFID Tag, Magnetic Card and Kisskey™
  • Tamper switch on internal electronics with alarm logging on FuelHub™
  • Concealed antenna, robust construction and high IP rating
  • Compatible with tank gauges to give live stock information*
  • 4G or IP connectivity to give fuelling information*
  • Plinth, wall or tank mounting for ease of installation
  • Front illuminating diagnostics including pump flow, power loss and connection loss.
  • QWERTY membrane keypad for data entry
  • Modular and self-contained

*When used in conjunction with FuelHub™ 4G/IP


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