Supervisor is a versatile, easy-to-use PC program which allows the user to account for all fuel dispensed from their pump.

Supervisor processes fuelling data downloaded from the fuel controller to provide multi-site, multi-user access to a range of fuel reports featuring cost, MPG and audit data for individual vehicles or groups of vehicles for any period required


Datatrack’s Supervisor offers a wide range of benefits:

  • 24 Hour unattended vehicle refuelling
  • Ability to deny access to unauthorised drivers/vehicles
  • Advanced usage, exception and carbon emission reporting
  • Communicates fuel usage information for single or multiple sites back to one central point
  • User-friendly format


External Fuel Imports

Key Specs

  • Extra modules for Agency fuel cards
  • Data can be imported and automatically included in reports
  • Data comes from the agency in a file and Supervisor is easily conigured to import many formats

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Key Specs

  • It can be exported into a choice of formats, including CSV and ASCII
  • Can be used in Excel, Access, Lotus, D Base, Roadbase, Mandata, Tranman and NORSY
  • Exports can be generated on an ad hoc basis as required

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Carbon Emission Reporting

Key Specs

  • Specifically designed to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint
  • Calculates and reports on CO2 emissions each time a vehicle is fuelled
  • Reports can be used to monitor and compare emissions and MPG performance

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How does it work?

Supervisor processes the fuelling data downloaded from the fuel controller to provide accurate reports for all vehicles in a fleet. This information is transferred via IP, 3G or data line and enables the user to collect fuel data as often as required.

Stamp out fuel theft:

  • Account for every drop of fuel
  • Maintains a permanent record of current and previous fuel tank levels
  • For audit purposes, users can print a history of all the activities associated with managing fuel tanks.


Cut fuel costs and CO2 output:

  • View CO2 and fuel savings by kg, L and £
  • View CO2 output, low srock levels
  • Calculate MPG
  • View a daily monhtly or annual average fuel usage report

Key Features

  • From single-site, single-user to multi-site, multi-user access
  • Allows/Prohibits fuel keys
  • Provides instant access to fuelling data
  • Integral display of tank levels and reordering alerts
  • Exports fuelling data into other programs
  • Extensive fuel reports on vehicle washes and gate entry systems
  • LAN networking to support multiple users
  • Time lock out facility
  • Locally hosted system
  • Training is usually provided at time of commisioning
  • An operational manual is included to ensure that users get the best possible results from Supervisor


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