“Stanley Travel have used Triscan’s equipment for more than 10 years, and have always been happy with the level of service received. Our recent move seemed an ideal opportunity for us to upgrade our equipment.”

“The software shows us fuel consumption via vehicle, so we can easily analyse fuel data for a given period and proactively send out messages to employees who have achieved acceptable emissions and fuel costs, as well as warnings to heavy-footed drivers.”

“I have been extremely happy from start to finish with the support offered by Triscan and the engineering team. It was a difficult install as we have old pumps, but your team liaised with various other companies to ensure you could meet our requirement & your engineers demonstrated fantastic skills in sorting the problem.”

“The bulk sites are a vital cog in our operation but the current equipment is outdated. In 2016, we brought the sites into the 21st century with equipment that is fit for purpose.”

“The implementation has been very successful. The money already saved in moving to the Triscan system has proved to be significant. Traditionally, drivers were travelling off site to re-fuel at a public forecourt, which gave us little control or visibility of fleet fuel usage, and resulted in vehicle and driver downtime whilst vehicles diverted from normal duties to refuel. This new system allows us to keep a constant check on fuelling operations, stock levels, and consumption, all of which helps in efficiency of fuel usage across the company. Throughout the project implementation, the Triscan team remained motivated, professional and extremely focused on providing the best possible service in the required timescales.”

“Having worked with Triscan for more than two decades, we have found the products, service and support to be of a very high standard. Triscan’s latest web based application, Odyssey World, in place at a number of our depots continues to impress – the Odyssey World software gives us total visibility of our fuel usage ensuring that every drop of fuel is accounted for.”

“We have been using Triscan at Tripod Crest for many years now to monitor and manage all aspects of our fuel usage. In 2013, we identified the need to upgrade our fuel management system, and I am pleased to say that they have never let us down. We have been more than happy with the Odyssey system recommended and installed by Triscan. We have found that the new system has not only improved our visibility of usage and stock levels, but has allowed us to more effectively manage the fleet with the additional benefit in costs savings that this brings. Our recent installation of a bunded tank and two fuel pumps went according to plan with minimal disruption to our operation. The install engineers are very knowledgeable, professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job is completed within the set time. Overall Triscan is a company you can rely on to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution.”

“With our company’s offices located on a different site to where our coaches refuel; having Odyssey’s live stream of information through has meant we can follow exactly what’s going on with our onsite fuel in real-time and at great ease to ourselves. The new system also enhanced security, providing accurate recordings for all changes to fuel stock levels and automatically singling out any suspicious activity on the system. Activities we could then reference on our CCTV, making sure we know exactly what’s happened to our site’s fuel at any given moment. Triscan made upgrading easy and I was especially surprised by how relaxed and straightforward the whole process seemed.”

“We have been using Triscan Systems for a period in excess of a decade and have always been particularly impressed with the level of their service and customer support. The service engineers are very knowledgeable, professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job is completed within the set time frame.”

“We have used Triscan’s fuel management for a long time and have always been satisfied with the product’s user friendliness and overall functionality; nothing has deviated from that in Triscan’s latest Odyssey World installment. The software monitors fuel levels accurately and tells us exactly when we need to order fuel for the site. The system also logs all fuel related actions, meaning that if do have a problem; we can easily trace it back to source. However, the greatest benefit to working with Triscan is the effectiveness of their support. Their team is always reachable and provide clear and concise advice when you need it most; support which is always calm and provides a clear path to getting operational again. Overall, we are very satisfied with using Triscan for our fuel management.”

“Wessex Water has approximately 114 vehicles, which use 5 regional fuel islands from artic tankers to company jet vacs and vans. As a company, we use around 1 million litres of fuel a year. We have used Triscan systems for a number of years as a basic access and control, enabling our vehicles to use our fuel islands and run basic reporting. Last year, due to worsening fuel prices, we saw we needed to move forward to manage our fuel better so the natural progression was with Triscan Odyssey. Triscan offered a very competitive price with a robust system and back up. We now have a better understanding of our fuel status within the company, have set up internal departmental re-charging and run a monthly reporting system for accounting. We monitor fuel usage for departmental vehicles, their mpg and suppliers’ prices. Triscan’s Odyssey software has helped us considerably in managing and understanding our fuel systems.”

“Metroline have used Triscan’s equipment for several years. The implementation across 16 sites has been very successful and has reduced costs significantly. This system allows us to keep a constant check on fuelling operations, stock levels, and consumption across over 2,300 of our vehicles resulting in efficient fuel usage across the company. The budget was fully managed by Triscan making the installation of all 34 fuel management systems an easy and stress free process from start to finish.”

“An excellent product backed up by an experienced, hardworking & professionally responsive customer support unit.”

“The service level from the DataTrack team has always been great, from the initial contact to the resolving of the issue, whether it hardware or software related. Our recent installation of two new FuelSafe fuel controllers went according to plan with minimal disruption to our operation. The Triscan service engineers are very knowledgeable, professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job is completed within the set time frame even with our bespoke requirements. Overall DataTrack is a company you can rely on to provide a reliable and cost effective solution.”

“We have been using DataTrack since 2008 and have always been pleased with the service. Whenever we have had a problem, they have been keen to assist us by responding quickly. The team have a lot of experience between them and the products work well.”

“A turnkey project was set up covering all aspects of our business requirements including everything from the fuel management systems, pumps and gauging to the installation of the pipework and fuel tanks. We wanted full visibility of all fuel used and stored on site 24 hours a day. Throughout the process, I became increasingly impressed by the team’s capability to put together a complete commercial forecourt installation package, from start to finish. The team worked closely with third party contractors onsite to oversee the installation of the pipework and tanks, and worked quickly and efficiently when fitting and calibrating the fuel management systems, pumps and gauges. The team went above and beyond what was required.”

“ScotRail started using DataTrack fuel system controllers in 2012 and after a trial period decided there was merit in rolling the system out across all fuelling points in Scotland. The system has reduced the time it takes to report fuel figures and removed the human error side of manually recording fuel figures. The databases allow easy recalling of historical data and we can see our tank levels from the office. Staff say the system is great and easy to use, and we have more control over who delivers our fuel and what equipment receives the fuel. All of this is used as part of our ISO50001 reporting and has helped gain this accreditation. We have now started using the system to record heating fuel to give visibility of heating systems with poor efficiency; this will lead to better control and reduce heating costs. The next stage for ScotRail is to automate the DataTrack information into our central finance and purchasing system to have full reporting and ordering control from HQ.”

“The Triscan system has allowed us to closely monitor our fuel usage and emissions and has improved our fuel security. The web-based Odyssey software has helped us identify ways in which we can decrease our environmental impact and save on fuel costs. This has been essential for us with regards to readying ourselves for FORS accreditation and maintaining our good repute as an operator. Having the fuel tanks and pumps enclosed in a lockable bunded unit with every fuelling having to be approved with a vehicle-assigned key fob has relieved us of any worries about theft, spills or vehicles being fuelled incorrectly.”



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