Timeplan, part of The Triscan Group, are a leading supplier and manufacturer of fuel management systems, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, fuel monitoring software and access devices, tank gauges and pipework.

Timeplan’s fuel management hardware, the Sigma750 works alongside Fuel Manager to give instant access to your fuel management data and full control over your fuel assets. This system uses an RFID Tag that is allocated to a vehicle and a Driver PIN number to recognise the Driver.

Fuel Manager is a complete, cloud‐based software solution for anytime, anywhere fuel management. Fuel Manager remotely collects data from all your refuelling sites and makes it available for collation, analysis and reporting via any internet connected PC.

Fuel Management

The Sigma 750 Fuel Management Hardware is ideal for stand-alone or smaller networks and for more complex, multi-site operations.

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Fuel manager is hosted on a server in a secure data, which provides a reliable operating environment with a guaranteed power supply and a fast internet connection. The data on the sever is fully backed up on site and off site. There is also an identical server at a different location to fully back up the primary server.

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