Triscan’s fuel management system integrates with Triscan’s web-based Odyssey World™ fuel management software to give users a real-time overview of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle.

How do our fuel management systems work?

Fuel management systems are used to maintain, control and monitor fuel stock in any type of industry that uses transport as a means of business.

A unique ID in the form of a Tag, Card or Kisskey™ is used to validate identity and grant access to fuel. On contact between the ID and Triscan’s Apollo 2™, all captured information is stored in memory on the FMS. Odyssey World™ downloads the data to a secure central fuel management database and users can access exactly what they need, depending on individual custom user configuration.

Each transaction typically consists of:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Product
  • Quantity (L)
  • Vehicle ID

Optional data that can be recorded:

  • Driver ID
  • Mileage/hours run
  • Unchecked data

Why use a Triscan fuel management solution?

When implementing a Triscan fuel monitoring solution you see an improved fuel economy, reduced CO2 emissions, increased fleet utilisation, significant cost reduction and an easier, simplified management of fleet and fuelling operations

The lack of clarity or inaccurate data input within a company’s fuelling data can result in additional time being spent on reconciling reports from other sources. The Triscan data capture, asset tracking and access security systems in conjunction with the advanced software for both fleet monitoring and fuel efficiency will provide you with the most accurate and appropriate control over your resources.

Triscan have provided solutions which are ideal for serving smaller companies with one fuel pump or companies with multiple sites such as the UK’s biggest postal operator with over 200 sites.

Simple but effective operational policies can typically report between 7% to 11% improvements in fuel usage, and this is reportedly a conservative estimate. For the average heavy goods vehicle, an improvement of around 0.5mpg can equate to a fuel saving of around £4,000 and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of over 7,000kg per vehicle year. With this in mind Triscan produced Apollo 2™ and Odyssey world™ that work seamlessly together to create a solution that takes the hassle out of making these fuel savings a reality.

The Apollo 2™ integrates seamlessly with Triscan’s Odyssey World™ software to give users a real-time* overview of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle.

Triscan’s fuel island controllers offer the following benefits:

  • 24-hour unattended vehicle refuelling
  • View vehicle odometer readings for accurate MPG figures (Kisskey™)
  • Ability to deny access to unauthorised drivers/vehicles
  • Advanced usage, exception and environmental reporting
  • Communicates fuel usage information for single or multiple sites back to one central point

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