The FairFuelUK campaign now has over 100 members of parliament supporting the initiative thanks to people like Triscan employee Chris Evans. Having confirmed their backing for the campaign some weeks ago, the Lancashire fuel management business and its employees have been busy doing their bit with local MPs, with some success.

Triscan helps drive the FairFuelUK campaign at grassroots level

The most recent response has come from Gordon Birtwistle MP – Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Burnley. Chris (Evans) who is an Analyst within the Aftercare team at Triscan wrote to Mr Birtwistle asking him to confirm his support which he did wholeheartedly; excerpt from his Office as follows:

“Gordon asked me to pass on a message to let you know that he supports the campaign and has let the campaign know. He appreciates that the constant rise in fuel prices has a particularly bad affect on people in deprived or rural areas and that something needs to be done to stop fuel rising even higher. We recognise a lot of people are starting to feel the pinch. Every time people go to the pump prices seem to have gone up again. That hits people hard and we understand why people want us to do something about it.

What are local MPs doing?

Mr Birtwistle’s office continued “Gordon has met with Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury to discuss this issue. Gordon has asked the Treasury to rethink the April Fuel Duty increase and will continue dialogue with the Government on this matter to ensure best efforts are made to introduce a fuel duty stabiliser. We are looking at a fuel duty stabiliser (that would reduce fuel duty as oil prices rise but increase it when prices drop). And the Chancellor asked the OBR to consider this. The response to this will be included in the forthcoming Budget. The OBR’s assessment showed that the increases in revenue the Treasury receive from oil and gas production might be offset by things like higher inflation leading to higher benefit payments.

Rural fuel duty rebate

One other thing we are looking at is a rural fuel duty rebate, which would reduce fuel duty in remote areas. Because of higher transport costs fuel prices are even higher there and of course a lack of public transport means people have little choice but to use the car.

We want to conduct a pilot study into this but we have to get clearance in the EU before we can go ahead. Treasury officials are undertaking discussions with the European Commission on the implementation and design of the scheme. We are making good progress and we are hopeful we can make this work but there’s a way to go yet”.

Chris, who has worked for Triscan for a number of years, commented “This situation is now hitting people incredibly hard and the worst thing is it is going to get much worse if the government does not step in and reconsider its approach in this area”.

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