The UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fuel management systems, The Triscan Group, are pleased to have established a supplier relationship with HID Global.

This new relationship further widens the range of identification devices, which are specifically designed to maximise and safeguard fuel.

The HID identiFUEL™ vehicle tags automate and simplify vehicle identification.

Vehicle tags are programmable with specific fuel type requirements and suitable for multiple vehicle styles.

The HID identiFUEL™ nozzle unit is a robust reader which is easily installed on the fuelling dispenser to read and transmit vehicle tag data to the FMS for authorisation.

Andrea Whittaker, Managing Director for the group said ‘’our client base includes some of the largest fleets in Europe, so we strive to continually improve every aspect of our business for these blue-chip companies.

Our team continuously work to build relationships with both customers and manufacturers to ensure we are always offering a wide range of fuelling solutions.

These relationships are a key part of our wider growth strategy which ensure we are able to meet varied requirements for any size of fleet.

With our wide range of identification cards, RFID tags, Triscan’s KissKey OBD and now the addition of AVR, we can proudly say we cover all key aspects of identification devices.”

AVR solutions are operational across a varied range of transport sectors including buses, rail, logistics, and any other commercial fleet vehicles.

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