Long associated with fuel and fuel management issues, technology business Triscan Systems Limited has joined the fight for fair fuel in the UK. The campaign, backed by leading trade bodies like the Road Haulage (RHA) and Freight Transport Associations (FTA), has been set up to directly lobby government in protest at the spiraling cost of fuel and in particular the impending fuel duty increase due to be hit the country this spring.

What is FairFuelUK doing?

TV motoring journalist Quentin Wilson, alongside representatives from leading trade bodies recently presented 600 individually addressed letters to MPs, highlighting the need to abolish the April 2011 fuel duty rise. “Since Autumn 2010, fuel has increased in price by just over 10%” said RHA Logistics Development Manager, Nick Deal. “For the 2010 survey, fuel represented 31.4% of a truck’s costs; that has now increased to 33.6%.”

With fuel now representing over 33% of vehicles’ annual operating costs – an average increase of £4,206 per vehicle since last autumn, Triscan could not stand back any longer.

Why is Triscan supporting Fair Fuel UK?

Simon Hollingsworth, boss of the Lancashire based business is concerned “As a well known supplier of fuel saving technology to the transport sector we have long established relationships with organisations big and small who are being seriously affected by the eye-watering costs being inflicted. Our products have a primary objective of assisting in the fuel management process but the issue most businesses face is the speed and aggressive manner in which fuel is blowing apart their business plans”.

Nick Deal from the RHA commented further – “We are stressing to customers that these unavoidable cost increases will be reflected in increased rates. These costs will inevitably feed inflation and will jeopardise recovery threatening economic recovery“.

How to help Fair Fuel UK

Triscan and its employees are wholeheartedly backing the campaign and would urge anyone affected (who isn’t?) to sign up using the online petition which can be found at www.fairfueluk.com/documents/request.html. In the meantime, the company continues to develop its fuel cost and carbon reduction technologies; more information can be found at www.triscansystems.com.

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