First approved in 2008, Triscan Systems released the original Weights and Measures system, Triscan Elite that set the bar by which all other systems were judged. Continuing from this success, and in order to comply with the forthcoming MID approval, the new Triscan Apollo 2™ was launched in 2013.

Triscan’s Apollo 2™ Weights and Measures fuel island controller combines state-of-the-art electronics with feature-rich hardware components and a robust, high-speed printer to deliver an accurate, efficient and EU regulated system that has been fully approved for the resale of fuel.

Offering a new dimension in quality for those who resell fuel, the Apollo 2 W&M™ is certified under the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) which replaced the Weights and Measures Act 1985. This allows Triscan customers to both store and dispense fuel for their own use as well as legally resell to commercial partners. This flexibility affords transport managers a wide variety of fuelling options for their fleet and others.

Key features

  • Weights and Measures, Measuring Instruments Directive and CE approved
  • 24-hour unattended vehicle refuelling to maximise vehicle uptime and to keep vehicles going day or night
  • Communicates fuel usage information for single or multiple sites back to one central point via a choice of GSM modem, 3G or IP connectivity, keeping fuel operators in control
  • Controls up to 4 different liquid pump operations
  • Robust construction and concealed antenna prevents tampering and protects against vandalism
  • High-speed printer for production of fuel transaction receipts

The Apollo 2™ also integrates seamlessly with Triscan’s Odyssey World™ fuel management software to give users a real-time overview of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle. A unique ID in the form of a tag, card or Kisskey™ from Triscan is used to validate identity and grant access to fuel. On contact between the ID and Triscan’s Apollo 2™, all captured information is stored in memory on the fuel management system. Odyssey World™ downloads the data to a secure central fuel management database and users can access exactly what they need, depending on individual custom user configuration.

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