Site survey – Triscan’s process always begins with a dedicated project manager who will ensure the relevant site survey is carried out. The inspections of an area where work is proposed, enables our team to gather information for a design and efficiently determine things such as precise location, access, best orientation for the site and the location of obstacles.

Secure locations reduce fuel theft

Fuel tanks – The Triscan Group offer a range of bunded tanks to provide the most cost effective solution for your business; From off shelf plastic tanks for smaller quantities of fuel and AdBlue to custom designed steel tanks manufactured to BS799 for robustness, leak prevention and longevity of life. Our national network of engineers monitor offloading, installation and positioning ensuring that tanks are locked down with secure caps or hardened hoses. On top of this Locking devices can be fitted at a number of points on a tank; at the fill point (internally or externally), tank gauge or suction line.

Robust equipment and secure locking devices reduce fuel theft

Tank gauge – Triscan’s range of tank gauges have been designed to give operators complete control over the management and reconciliation of fuel stocks. An electronic level gauge enables operators to keep an eye on the amount of oil or fuel in the tank at all times. Working alongside Triscan software, if the system detects something amiss – such as a sudden drop in contents – it will send out an alert.

Accurate stock levels ensure alerts our given in the event of fuel theft

Bund alarms – As part of tank gauge solutions for bund alarms, Triscan offers line leak detection systems for interspatial pipework systems, web-based monitoring systems and sudden loss alarms. The Group’s sudden drop alarm is a system that quickly identifies a problem. If a tank is quickly emptied without passing through an authorised pump an automatic text message will be sent out, instantly alerting the operator to a problem.

Alerts enable all of our customers to act quickly

Pipework – Installing fuel pipework requires specialist knowledge and installation to ensure a long, leak-free life. Our team of engineers are highly experienced and work to the highest standard to ensure installing or modifying pipework is a straightforward and cost-effective solution. Locks are relatively inexpensive and can easily be fitted over existing pipework, providing a first line of defence against fuel theft.

Effective and secured, corrosion resistant, pipework reduces the risk of thieves drilling directly into the pipe.

Fuel pump – Pumps help an operator select the correct flow rate, accuracy and duty cycle for their application and are designed with durability in mind. Triscan’s range of diesel, petrol, gas oil and AdBlue pumps provide a reliable, accurate and long-lasting fuelling solution. All Triscan fuel pumps can be controlled by a range of access devices.

Prevent unauthorised use of fuel pumps to reduce employee theft.

Identification devices – Specifically designed to maximise and safeguard fuel, our wide range of identification devices are used in conjunction with the fuel management system to ensure that both the access of fuel and the monitoring of fuel is easy, efficient and reliable. With our wide range of identification cards, RFID tags, Triscan’s KissKey OBD and now the addition of AVR, we cover all key aspects of identification devices.

Prevent unauthorised fuelling and identify who is taking fuel and when.

Hardware – Developed in house, Triscan’s Apollo 2 is one of the leading fuel management systems.  Offering the most flexible management of authorising access to fuel, capturing odometer data at the fuel island or automatically transferring the data to the system by a on board vehicle device or imports from third party systems. Our hardware gives users the ability to manage the fuel delivered on the fuel island and visibility of current stock levels for reordering; offers in-depth analysis of fuel consumption by driver or vehicle resulting in better management and accountability.

Fuel management ensures accurate data and a secure fuel island.

Software – With web-based, real-time capabilities, Odyssey World™ accounts for every drop of fuel with a full audit trail. These regular audits help operators to create effective plans in the work place. With access to figures for CO2 and fuel savings by kg, L and £, fleets can quickly identify theft and other problem areas.

Accurate real-time data ensures you are hitting your fleet targets.

Electrical works – Our national network of electrical installation engineers are qualified to current IET (Institute of Engineering Technology) standards ensuring we can carry out any work needed for your installation. It also means we are able to add finishing touches, such as lighting around the fuel island.

Lighting reduces the risk of theft during the long winter months.

Aftercare – As a company we pride ourselves in offering a turnkey solution and that includes access to Triscan’s Technical Support Team who are on-hand to diagnose issues promptly. On top of this, all of Triscan’s systems come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty as standard.

Let our team ensure your equipment is maintained and always working at maximum capacity to prevent fuel theft.

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