Recently one of our long standing customers, Sanders Coaches, decided to make the change from a below to above ground tank to ensure all of their equipment was up-to-date, structurally sound and providing maximum fuelling efficiency.

The customer originally had two dispensing diesel pumps located side by side but our team who endeavour to always put the customer first, identified a new tank location of bespoke footprint to accommodate their 38,000 litre requirement.

This new layout only covered two car-parking spaces whilst providing the desired volume, allowing two vehicles to be refuelled simultaneously, reducing the traffic spilling out into the public highway.

Our engineers where able to install the tank, relocate one pump to a new position, connect the electrical services and install the new suction line.

The tank was then filled with fuel and the customer was able to continue refuelling whilst work was carried out to the second pump.

Installation involved the fabrication of a “ladder” type support along a wall and floor to the original position to support the suction pipe line and cable tray for the electrical services.

This tidy solution enabled all of the services to be mounted above ground level for the ease of inspection and reduced trip hazards on site.

Upon completion, both pumps were serviced and cleaned befitting of the new installation and flow rates increased from a paltry 20 litres per minute to an acceptable 60 litres per minute.

The customer now has a more usable system, the ability to refuel vehicles simultaneously and the ability to take a delivery of 30,000 litres thus buying at the optimum price.

An above ground installation ensures any unlikely leaks can easily be detected and dealt with, unlike the previous below ground installation that had allowed thousands of litres to be lost prior to detection.

The quality equipment and installation provided by our expert engineers ensures the fuelling system will last, so even if a customer decides to move premises they can just take it with them!

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