Many fleets currently use fuel cards to manage their vehicle fuelling throughout the company. However, making the switch to an on-site bunkered fuel facility will benefit your business at every level.

Firstly, fuel cards are not universal, so drivers must schedule in fuel stops at specified filling stations. Customising your on-site fuelling set-up to meet the exact requirements of your fleet negates this, saving you time and keeping your vehicles on the move.

Fuel cards are not as secure and information such as registration and mileage is not always accurate. Furthermore, whilst fuel prices at retail forecourts are prone to fluctuations, having bunkered fuel allows the operator to negotiate a consistent and fair fuel price. This simplifies cost management and ultimately improves your bottom line.

Switching from fuel cards is a simple process as, once the fuel island has been installed, should you wish, you are able to continue to use the existing fuel card as an access device. As well as using the fuel card as an access device, you can also set the cards up so they are multi-use, enabling the user to continue using them in retail forecourts. This is handy for anybody wishing to combine bunkered fuel and fuel cards.

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