Fuel management software business – Triscan Systems has recently become the latest FORS Associate member. The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme which forms part of Transport for London’s plan to help companies become safer, greener and more efficient; sets and manages standards for best practice and legal compliance for freight distribution activities.

Why has Triscan joined FORS?

Barry McLeod – Marketing Director for the Lancashire based firm makes the point “Our aim as a supplier to the transport industry sits very well with the FORS objectives. Our software link downloads and exports crucial data relating to fuel and vehicles and makes it infinitely easier for operators to benefit from participation in strategic benchmarking schemes like this”.

What products has Triscan developed?

Triscan has focused its development on a number of new fuel and fleet management products over the last few years, including linking its fuel monitoring software with vehicle telemetry.  Dan Evanson – FORS Manager Transport for London said “Benchmarking is an extremely useful tool as it allows operators to ensure that their fleet is not only improving, but also maintaining high standards and good efficiencies. It is welcoming to see a company working to support sustainable freight distribution in London through a simple, practical action”.

Client feedback

Leeds based Bedfords Transport have been members of the FORS programme for some time and use the latest Triscan software to provide the audited information at the heart of the benchmarking process. Bedfords Fleet Manager – Steve Hollingsworth is a solid advocate of the system “We have a firm commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and we use a number of tools to manage this.  On-Line Benchmarking is key to our strategy and Triscan Odyssey software, with its simple link, makes it extremely easy to export fuel and fleet related information gathered from our day to day operations; much of which is used in driver de briefing and SAFED training.”

What’s next for FORS & Triscan?

To assist in meeting its commitment to the schemes objectives, the FORS team provides access to materials and further opportunities for Triscan to demonstrate their support.
FORS is part of the wider London Freight Plan and helps companies through recognition and reward of excellence. A range of practical benefits are available as a member that can help improve business and save money.

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