Fuel management systems help protect companies from a loss of fuel.

Fuel is a high-value liquid asset and, as with every high-value asset, it therefore creates a risk for businesses. For most organisations, fuel is the highest expense after wages. Generally, the more fuel being used, the harder it becomes to deal with. A lack of on-site security is a huge issue, whether it is a lack of cameras, fencing or the use of appropriate fuel management and access devices – there should always be something in place to secure your fuel island.

Fuel theft ends up costing companies millions of pounds each year. It is, unfortunately, more common than people think and 9 out of 10 fleet operators are in denial about fuel theft until their fuel management system is in and they can see the real-time data. As the year ends, long winter nights present a particular risk due to the lack of lighting and security, which makes it easier for thieves to access the fuel.

Outside threat

Tank positioning can create a weakness in fuel defence – if the tank is easily accessible and in plain sight, it is easier for thieves to access. On top of it being inviting to thieves, the exposed tank and pipework can be easily drilled into and drained in minutes. Ensuring the tank is positioned in a suitable, potentially hidden location automatically reduces temptation.
With fuel being so valuable there is a large amount sold on the black market. This means that thieves will often siphon directly from the tank in order to obtain large amounts quickly. If they have managed to drill into the pipework, it will not take long to empty the tank. In this instance, sudden drop alarms are essential.

Internal theft
A lack of access devices can cause problems for operators as they have no idea who is taking fuel and when. Whilst outside thieves are the obvious threat, this unfortunately also opens up theft by employees who are filling up their own vehicles or an extra Jerrycan.
This is particularly easy for night workers to do. Anybody who has unauthorised use of the pump can take as much fuel as they like, which is why an access device is a key part of a turnkey fuel management solution.

The biggest key to eliminating employee theft is to install an accurate fuel management system. Not only does the need for driver ID’s make employees aware of the fuel monitoring, the real-time data quickly identifies if there is a problem. Ultimately, you cannot stop something you cannot see.

Solution driven fuel management

The Triscan Group, a major UK-based manufacturer of fuel management systems, offer a wide range of fuel management solutions, to help prevent fuel theft. The company has over 40 years of experience across all transport sectors.

Triscan’s turnkey packages offer a complete solution for the installation and management of a company’s fuelling equipment on-site to ensure peace of mind that all refuelling requirements are in one place. This saves its customers time and money.

The company provides a dedicated project manager as a client’s main point of contact, helping to design the best solution for a company’s requirements and coordinate its installation to reduce downtime.

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