Together with their associated companies, Ringway teams are responsible for looking after over 50,000 km of the UK’s highways network.

After moving some of their fuelling sites to another depot Ringway Infrastructure Services got in touch to arrange commissioning for their fuel tanks.

A site survey was carried out to ensure the equipment could be used and set-up at a convenient time. A site survey is an essential part of any installation as it allows us to investigate the detail and assess electrical, environmental and any potential safety issues specific to your facility. The Triscan engineers are able to inspect any current equipment on-site and decide how this can be fully utilised and integrated with a new fuel monitoring system ensuring a seamless transition from concept to being operational, giving you the most cost-effective solution.

Once a site survey has been carried out, A Triscan engineer is able to carry out the installation and commissioning works. The fuel management commissioning ensures Ringway can continue to use their Odyssey world software on their new sites.

Fuel management commissioning is the process of ensuring all components that make up the solution are installed, tested, operating as per the design and able to be maintained in order for the customer to use the fuel management system.

After year one of using the equipment Ringway will continue to be supported through their software licence agreement. Triscan’s software licence includes automatic software updates and remote system diagnostics. All of our software licence customers get access to our customer helpline facility who offer diagnostic and technical assistance over the telephone, from 6:00 am – 10:00 pm, 7 days a week. Alongside this, you are guaranteed a priority service over non-contracted customers.

“Installation over our three sites went smoothly. The new Odyssey World system is providing all of the information we need.”

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