Powys County Council is the local authority for Powys, one of the administrative areas of Wales.

Powys currently have Timeplan’s fuel management hardware, the Sigma 750, across 10 sites. To keep the fuel islands efficient and up-to-date, Powys decided to replace the fuel pumps across five sites. Designed with durability in mind, The Triscan Group’s range of fuel pumps provide a reliable, accurate and long-lasting fuelling solution.

The Zeon Mono is ideal for operators looking to install an accurate, reliable but low-cost fuelling solution for use in medium to heavy-duty environments. It integrates seamlessly with a wide range of fuel management solutions, including the Sigma 750. The 12-month warranty and pump support from The Triscan Group ensures the pumps will continue to run smoothly. Powys will benefit from regular service and calibrations to further extend the life cycle of the pumps.

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