MQP is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of aggregate and asphalt to the building, construction and rail industries. They provide a comprehensive range of products to comply with current British Standards and Highway Agency Specifications.

The Triscan Group have been providing equipment to Midland Quarry since 2005 and were delighted to win a contract for a new fuel management system at Midland Quarry’s Leicestershire site. The Triscan Group worked quickly to install the new equipment to result in minimal downtime on site.

Our national network of engineers have been trained to a high standard to ensure they are able to work within a Quarry. All engineers are kitted out in up-to-date PPE, arrive in sign written vans and have orange CB Ariels for if they are needed. They all carry appropriate safety kit and lighting as part of standard van stock. On top of this, each engineer has been trained on SPA (Safety Pass Alliance) quarry courses meaning they are fully trained and have the appropriate passports and certification to enter the site.

The site visit included uninstalling the existing fuel management system from a previous company that was now obsolete. The new real-time Apollo 2 fuel management was plinth mounted and attached to two brand new Pumptronics Zeon pumps. When installing the high-speed 110 LPM pump, our engineer attached a 15m hose reel to avoid trips and falls on site. The second 90 LPM pump included an extra-long 2-inch hose with a dry lock nozzle.

Dry lock nozzles are beneficial to prevent environmental contamination and to avoid any porous rock absorbing highly flammable materials/waste products.

On installation, each pump was connected to two tanks. This helps with the risk of contamination and reduces the need for tank cleaning because separate deliveries and fuel stock are used.

Whilst on-site, our team also installed a 10,000 L plastic bunded AdBlue tank, providing Midland Quarry with a turnkey fuelling solution.

For accurate fuel stock monitoring the installation also included the addition of four gas oil T5020 tank gauges with 5m probes. This enables our Odyssey World fuel management software to show accurate data for the entire fuelling facility and alert the customer if there are any problems.

“We’re extremely pleased with our new Triscan product installation. The customer care team have been there for any issues or questions that we had.”
Midland Quarry Products LTD

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