Dixons Retail plc is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe. In the UK, the company operates Currys, Currys Digital, PC World, Dixons Travel and its service brand KNOWHOW.

Dixons operate several vehicles on site so it is essential for them to keep their refuelling facility performing at the best possible standard. Our Engineer installed a Fuelsafe fuel management system which provides 24 Hour unattended vehicle refuelling. This hardware has been seamlessly linked with Supervisor software, ensuring that granting drivers authorisation to access fuel, tracking fuel dispensed to each vehicle, managing inventories and recording fleet data is as simple as filling up and driving away.

The installation included full above ground tank and pipework cleaning. The service included attending site to drain, desludge and internally clean a 57,000 litre diesel tank. Tank cleaning is the best way to prevent costly vehicle damage and reduce overall fleet maintenance costs. It also ensures reliability of your fuel pumps whilst extending their lifeline. The customer was then provided with a hazardous waste certificate in order to comply with regulations.

Once the duel fuel tank was clean and ready for use our engineers installed an electronic digital tank gauge to effectively monitor fuel stocks and report back to the supervisor software. To ensure effective fuel management our team completed this turnkey installation with a brand new diesel Zeon pump.

“The installation of the system and pumps went well and the engineers were really helpful. The Triscan Group software training helped with our knowledge of using the system.”

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