2Agriculture (Vion) is an independent milling business which has been supplying feed to the poultry industry for the past 50 years.

With several vehicles across 5 sites, fuel management is an essential part of driving down costs for Vion Agriculture.

Vion have been using Odyssey Web fuel management for over 14 years but recently decided it was time to see what upgrade options where available.

When upgrading several sites at once, Triscan’s ApolloR2 ‘door swap’ is a cost-effective option, enabling existing customers to have 21st-century fuel management hardware without the additional cost of installing a brand new system. The ApolloR2 allows customers to easily migrate to our latest, real-time software application, Odyssey World™.

This meant Vion were able to choose which sites had a brand new plinth and Apollo2™ system and which sites were able to have a simple door swap. The door swap transformed their current Optima PC into a fully functional upgraded system, with an inbuilt access reader, full alphanumeric keypad and Apollo 2™ electronics. The current power supply and mains connections were retained, and the new doorframe simply plugs into the existing housing.

This system works seamlessly with their new sites and brand new Apollo 2™ hardware as all electronics are the same. All sites were provided with 50 new vehicle tags, giving drivers easy access to the fuelling facility.

Alongside the rollout of upgrades, an extra Hytek Alpha Twin with PRV’s was installed at the Llay Mill site.

The upgrades have brought the fuelling facilities into the 21st century and give the team easy access to view what is happening on all sites via Odyssey World™.

“Installation of the Apollo2 system from Triscan has been superb. Triscan’s helpdesk team have been forthcoming with help if ever needed.”

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